Chandago becomes SFBX®

Chandago is renamed SFBX [pronounced safe box] to affirm its position as a trusted third party, with the ambition to become the digital safe box of reference. With this name, SFBX opens a new chapter, in the form of acceleration and expansion, which will fully benefit its customers and partners. SFBX is a guarantee of traceability and trust.

Indeed, SFBX is convinced that transparency and trust will be the pillars of tomorrow's digital ecosystem: data can no longer exist without a robust and demonstrable legal basis, with guaranteed origin and destination. Regardless of its location and related regulations, data must now be collected and distributed differently.

Having understood the GDPR directives and the various regulations well in advance, SFBX - thanks to its proprietary blockchain technology combined with a UX approach (user experience) from the design stage - ensures this transparency, traceability and protection of users' personal data.

The CMP AppConsent® is used to collect user consent by several premium publishers in Europe, such as the Figaro-CCM Benchmark Group, RTBF, the shopping application Fidme and entertainment applications such as Akinator.

The latest product, AppConsent® Xchange, is a data distribution and valuation module supporting the CMP. It has already won over major publishers and MarTech players in Europe and the United States thanks to the traceability offered by the platform. SFBX's customers and partners are finding a perfect balance between compliance and business opportunities.

Running on nearly 300 domains representing more than 18,000 mobile sites and applications, AppConsent® currently manages 270 million users per month, whose consents are secured through its private blockchain Chainsaw.

Chainsaw also drives the traceability and distribution of data operated by the platform.

Leveraging the AppConsent® infrastructure, SFBX will soon expand its offering to provide users with effective control tools.

SFBX intends to bring security to users and publishers, and to guarantee transparency and trust in a world regularly tainted by more and more massive data leaks, increasing the risks linked to the use of personal data.

Finding a balance between privacy, economic opportunity and regulation is imperative to preserve a dynamic and respectful digital ecosystem.

Count on SFBX to contribute to it.

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