We are reinventing the way personnal data are managed in the digital world.

Chandago is renamed SFBX [pronounced safe box] to affirm its position as a trusted third party, with the ambition to become the digital safe box of reference.

The context

Our approach responds to the following observation:

  • Current events highlight a loss of trust from the digital user due to a feeling of misunderstanding in the collection and use of its personal data.
  • Companies need this data to optimize their marketing strategies and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

It is therefore essential to restore a relationship of trust between the user and the players of the digital world. This requires finding the right balance between the massive data collection conducted by companies and the level of service expected by users.

The new European regulation (GDPR), applicable since May 25, 2018, now imposes strict rules on the use of these data.

What do we do?

SFBX is a privacy company that offers solutions focused on transparency and fairness of raw data exchanges between Internet/mobile users and the numerous digital world players. Our main objective is to restore a relationship of trust where the user feels considered again.

To do this, we build the tools that will allow:

  • Digital market players to adopt a rational strategy in the use of data while complying with the new applicable regulation.
  • To raise the awareness of the Internet / mobile user about the digital governance process and his ability to properly control and manage his data.

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Our expertise

The foundations of our platform are designed in accordance with the concepts of Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default.


User Experience (UX) continuously regulates the design stages of our products and helps us to identify and understand user needs. We offer them optimal experiences that respect their initial choices without affecting their experience.


By relying on our private blockchain, Chainsaw, we ensure a level of security that goes beyond the requirements of the GDPR. The use of this technology also limits our environmental impact compared to the use of a public blockchain (Bitcoin or Ethereum).

The combination UX + Blockchain allows us to achieve this objective.

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